Jonathan (yostaja) wrote in ninjazombiesinc,

From your Technical Supervisor

As the Technical Supervisor, it is my job to supervise technical things, such as websites, and tripods. As this is the first post, I will lay out the cast and crew that we have currently, as well as any groundbreaking news.

Mike - Director, Professor, Cameraman, gaffer?

Brandon - Ninja, rollerblading zombie, assorted zombies

Me - Running dude, priest, mexican wrestler, boy scout, assorted zombies, Technical Supervisor, Special Effects, Synchronization liscensing Supervisor

Slaytron - Makeup Supervisor, Mafia boss (?), Assorted Zombies

Other Amanda - Costume Supervisor

Clara, Sarah Why, Craig, Rachel, Other Amanda, anyone else we can get to do it - Assorted Zombies.

I would like to set a tentative date of August 7th for the massive Zombie Army scene. If you are able to be a zombie for a day, and able to bring some friends, let me know.

Other great news: We have legally secured our first soundtrack song -a song from the band Call Florence Pow. The song itself is sensitive material, and can not be released at this time. Any of you have a band and would like a song to be used in a B movie, maybe like a D movie soundtrack, send me a demo at

Special Thanks to atomic_paradox for use of the digital camcorder, without it, the movie would suck, but with, it's magical.
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