Jonathan (yostaja) wrote in ninjazombiesinc,

Another Update.

Still need more Zombies.
10AM, Ford Park, Redlands, CA
Take Redlands Blvd to Highland, make a right, and then a right onto parkford. park to the left, come find us.
Bring clothes that can be dirtied up a bit.

Also, here are some pics from the

A practice rehearsal. The nazi wrestler has since been cut.

The mafia boss stands tall among the trees.

The ninja having little or no self control

We almost got arrested. Apparently we looked like terrorists more than ninjas.

The danciest chunky ninja.

The director and his production assistant seem to think this rocks.

The aftermath of the first major battle.

The special effects are outstanding.

PLEASE bring all your friends. We should have snacks, but if you don't mind bring a six pack of soda or a bag of chips, go for it. Also, if you have white/black makeup to spare, we could use it for zombies.

Alright, time to recruit on the streets now.
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