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An odd twist of fate

Apparently our director - Michael Gunther
and a cast member - Ergun Pascu were recently in a car accident yesterday, they are both fine with minor bruises and shattered lives.
Two odd things though:

1. The person in the other car was none other than an ex girlfriend of Ergun and also an ex fellow employee of Mike!
(she too is fine escaping death with only minor oral bleeding{where was the camera THEN!})

2. The accident happened when Ergun WASN'T driving like a complete maniac as usual! He was going 35MPH!

So a minor setback but we are hoping to pick it up where we left off in the next few days, we already have about 40 minutes of film and we are thinking about adding some more zombie scenes between what we have.
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i had about 7 pints of guinness tonight for the pain (and my enjoyment), and it's still not quite as fun as the flexoril.

i really, REALLY wish I would've had the camera at the accident. It would be so sweet to stick the ninja in there some where, running in the background or something.

thanks for the thought, leastways.